Sibley a.k.a. Dame

Scar-faced amnesiac (Follower of Randi)


In the past, when Dame was still an amnesiac, she would occasionally awaken in the night screaming the name “Lorthact”. What information you know is that Lorthact was once a high ranking duke of Hell, but he was exiled after he aroused the wrath of Eiseth, Queen of the Erinyes.

She is emotionally distant and often has that thousand-yard stare of one who has suffered horrific trauma. You know she is a Hellknight. You know she was one of the first Grey Maidens and her Grey Maiden name was Golarion 12; why she was in that pit in Rolth’s lair you do not know. If you recall, when she regained her memory, she disappeared for a time citing some mission she needed to attend to. Rand took her on as a cohort when she came back. She is devoted to him but she has her secrets. Right now she is away with Schemer to report to the Hellknights. Interesting information will be forthcoming I’m sure.

Randi tapped that, but not before Togomor did. She was to be Togomor’s wife.


Sibley a.k.a. Dame

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