Randisellimon Agarithilin

Soon to be Arch Magi of the city


Randi is now a Half Elven Male who stands around 6’ tall and weighs in around 150lbs.

He still has the emerald green eyes and vibrant blond hair.

At this time his stats are:
Str 20
Dex 20
Con 20
Int 22 (20)
Wis 20
Cha 20

AC: 18
HP: 60

Fort: +20
Will: +20
Refl: +20


An elven wizard and Acadamae graduate. He was abducted by Gaedren as a small child and taken in as one of his little Lamms until he found the calling of Nethys. Lamm left him beat near death just before being rescued by his uncle the elven ambassador to Korvosa. It was years later when Rand applied and went to the Acadamae, now that he has graduated he looks for his former tormentor and captor in hopes to end his terrorizing more children.

Since the days when Randi was a young, idealistic wizard many things have changed. His death has left a fire burning within him to affect change within the city and maybe even the world at large. He is going to begin with the death of the wizard who killed him, then move on to freeing the city from the thrall of evil. Balance shall be restored.

Amidst the turmoil and chaos created by the Queen an her plots to break the people of the city Randi has taken up the calling of the common man. He has began to gather to him several of the people in the city who can assist in creating an underground movement to resist the queen.

Randi has also found a true companion in Sibley ‘Dame’ Galloway. Dame has become his right hand gal and together they will assist the other members of the Saviors of the city to remove the Queen and place a true leader on the Crimson Throne.

Randisellimon Agarithilin

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