Kazavon Lore

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There are several old and obscure legends about the chambers below Castle Korvosa—the chambers, it was whispered, were old even when the Shoanti dwelt there, and that used to hide something of great evil.

Some documents from Korvosa’s earliest days mention something called Midnight’s Teeth, and that these teeth were believed to be some sort of sacred relic of great import to the Shoanti. Circumstantial evidence indicated that the Shoanti kept these teeth in the chambers inside the pyramid that now serve as Castle Korvosa’s foundation.

Further research uncovered an old legend that chilled Neolandus’ soul. Several hundred years ago, a powerful agent of the Midnight Lord, a warlord named Kazavon in league with an ancient blue dragon brought the orcs of Belkzen to their knees and began conquering neighboring lands within Ustalav and Lastwall. Kazavon and his dragon were finally defeated with an artifact of great power, and the remains of his evil dragon were scattered.

According to certain Zon-Kuthonic scriptures, the remains are relics containing fragments of the dragon’s evil essence. One of those relics was the Fangs of the Dragon.

By piecing together his evidence, Neolandus suspects that Midnight’s Teeth were none other than the Fangs of the Dragon. The description of the Queen’s crown sounds to Neolandus as if she now wears the Fangs on her brow.

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More than 800 years ago, as the nation of Ustalav was recovering from the rule of the Whispering Tyrant, the threat of an invasion of orcs from the neighboring Hold of Belkzen was very real. For generations, the county of Tamrivena—known as Canterwall in modern Ustalav—held strong against the orcs, its standing army of rangers and the tactical genius of its leaders more than a match for the orc hordes. When command of Tamrivena fell to Count Andachi, it quickly became apparent that he had not inherited his father’s and grandfather’s gifts of tactics and eloquence. Mile by mile, the orcs pressed into Ustalav through Tamrivena, and Count Andachi grew desperate. Nothing he tried stemmed the orc aggression. His desperate requests to the government of Ustalav for reinforcements seemed mired in bureaucracy. Even his prayers to Desna seemed to fall upon deaf ears. And so it was that he fell back upon his ancestors’ one-time patron—Zon-Kuthon, the Midnight Lord. And in short order, his prayers were answered in the form of a powerful and gifted mercenary named Kazavon.

The charismatic general took control of Tamrivena’s army and whipped it into shape with his brutal discipline and knowledge of tactics and warfare, honing it into a military killing machine. When they marched into Belkzen, the undisciplined savages fell in waves. Tales of Kazavon himself riding in the vanguard and hewing his way through the orc lines while the arrows and blades of his foes bounced harmlessly off of him filled Count Andachi with relief. By the spring of 4043 ar, the orcs had been driven from their lands into the inhospitable foothills of the Kodar mountains, bloodied and defeated.

Kazavon Lore

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