Grey Maidens

Grey maiden
An elite force loyal to the Crown, commanded by Sabina Merrin. New recruits into the Gray Maidens are hand-selected from beautiful young fighters, most of whom come from the Sable Company, the Order of the Nail, and the Korvosan Guard. New recruits must pass a special examination for beauty and strength. Those who make the cut undergo a grueling initiation procedure.

True Grey Maidens wear helms with crests of pure red. Elite members have black crests and they also wear red cloaks, whileThe lowest ranking members have crests of black and red.

The Grey Maidens are completely brainwashed and utterly devoted to the Queen. Many joined willingly and others were conscripted. They all refuse to acknowledge their former lives. The few you have interrogated have names like Eox 6 and Castrovel 91. They’re always beautiful with scarred faces, and hardened hearts.

You can tell what rank a Grey Maiden is by the color of the crest on her helm. The lowest ranking have a crest of black and red, they are the least trained and are not depended on for much other than guard duty and such. The next level are the true Grey Maidens with pure red crests. finally the elite Maidens have black crests and they wear red cloaks.

Grey Maidens

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