Salvatore Scream Paintings



From the collection of Glorio Arkona, Korvosa’s First Citizen.

Giant Skull
This painting depicts what looks to be an ancient shrine upon a holy mountain entombed in an icy glacier. Several giants stand facing a dark blue shadow within the ice as all around them men destroy each other with cruel and deadly weapons.

The Aberrant Claw
In this painting a golden skeleton reclines in death deep within a dark, subterranean cave. In the background blue figures creep among the shadows, reaching from the darkness with long arms to feast upon a thousand dismembered corpses.

The Queen’s Fangs
This eerily familiar work shows a devastated metropolis surrounding a mysterious blue pyramid. A fanged queen drenched in blood towers over a throng of people who dance among piles of the dead. Closer inspection reveals the people are draining blood from the corpses.

Horn of the Dragon
This piece of art depicts a fat dragon lying among tall, gnarled trees with countless treasures arrayed about it as starving masses wander through the forests. Chief among the treasures is a resplendent horn holding precious fruits which hangs from the boughs of a blue tree.

God’s Ribs
This work portrays a dark god of shadow sitting triumphantly within a labyrinth of blue steel. His body is mutilated beyond recognition as he stares outward at the viewer, presiding over the torture of men and women littered throughout the labyrinth.

The Mage’s Tail
This painting depicts an empty tower of blue stone and magic watching over vast estates of wealth and power. A long line of people climb up the tower where at the top they tear their eyes out before leaping from the deadly heights.

The Winged Pirate
This painting shows a desolate island enduring angry crashing waves in a deep blue sea. An armada of ships do battle with each other on the waters, but the combatants are composed of men and women engaged in every act of sexual pleasure.



From the collection of Piltz Swastel, Emperor of Old Korvosa.

Crown of Fangs
This painting depicts a full portrait of a thin humanoid wearing shadows as he stands framed by a dolmen of great size. The figure’s brilliant blue eyes are the only true points of color in the piece, and they seem to almost glow with anger.

History of Ashes
This painting depicts a rugged mountain range above a desert under a brilliant blue sky. In the foreground, a quartet of Vudran tusked camels ridden by N’darr tribesmen race across dunes that, upon closer examination, consist of tiny skulls.

Skeletons of Scarwall
This picture depicts a handsome man in the process of peeling away the flesh of his arms as if he were taking off a pair of gloves— underneath, his arms are muscular and covered with glittering blue tattoos. The man’s expression is one of delight, yet his eyes are empty pits of blackness. Half seen in the shadows beyond him are what can only be thousands of humans impaled on towering wooden poles erected in the shadow of an indistinct shape looming on the horizon—perhaps a castle, maybe a mountain, but likely something more.



From the collection of Ausio Carowyn.

Blue-Eyed Beast No. 1
A haunting depiction of a vile beast with two heads and uncanny blue eyes. The beast rests in a darkened cavern with a knight’s bloody corpse under its paws.

Blue Sky at Night
This enigmatic painting is one of Salvatore’s earliest in his blue period. It appears to be exactly what the title says, a dark blue, starless night sky with the impression of a new dawn rising within.


Salvatore Scream Paintings

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