Curse of the Crimson Throne

Gaedren Lamm Must Pay

Four strangers from various parts of the city are called together by a Varisian fortuneteller named Zellara. Unbeknownst, these four men share a bond in common with their host—each has been horribly wronged by a man known as Gaedren Lamm. The fortuneteller requests that they make the old man pay for the brutal death of her son as well as for the sins he has committed against they themselves.

These four men: Pavo Sangue, a disinherited noble scion; Aaron Taddinas, Abadaran priest and “Father” of the city; Randisellimon Agarithilin, a wizard of the fabled Korvosan Acadamae; and Nemos, a faceless man with a dark history.

Given the location of Gaedren’s latest hideout in an old abandoned fishery, this party of strangers sets out to exact revenge on the old man, Gaedren Lamm. Late in the evening they form a plan to infiltrate the den, but given their inexperience and lack of familiarity with eachother things go south rather quickly. In the end the party end up literally bursting into the old fishery in a bloody scene of chaos and carnage. Eventually they eliminate the thugs one by one as orphan children ,forced by their cruel taskmasters, join the melee with pitchforks and knives.

Not So Quiet Riot

After dispatching the last of the thugs in the fishery, the quickly bonding strangers discover a sub level to the fishery. While Aaron and Nemos try to find a trap door down, Randisellimon decides to try swing from a rope to the basemen’s dock. A shark appreciates the failed attempt and almost kills him before he is rescued and pulled to the platform by Pavo. Having no success with finding the trap door Aaron and Nemos abandon the search in the fishery and attempt to find a way through a derelict ship enchained to the back of the fishery. Meanwhile Pavo decides to relieve his fallen comrade of a healing potion so that he can discover what lies behind a closed door in the basement. Upon the opening of said door Pavo sees Gaedren holding a rope attached to a young boy hanging over water. Gaedren attempts to get Pavo to relinquish his weapons by threatening to feed the dangling orphan to his pet alligator that quickly positions itself beneath. Pavo stalls for time as Aaron and Nemos find Randisellimon and heal him. Realizing his time is running short Gaedren releases the orphan and Pavo attacks the alligator. Pavo quickly defeats the alligator and goes after Gaedren as the others of the party arrive and help him dispatch the evil villain who had horribly wronged them.

After parting Gaedren‘s head form his body, the party hears the bells of the city tolling. a thorough search of Geadren’s hideout reveals treasure and information and when the party leaves the fishery they find the city in total chaos. While Aaron and Pavo rescue a downed marine of the Sable Guard, Randisellimon and Nemos save a nobleman from a rather upset mob. With the city falling apart around them, the party heads to the capital to return a broach stolen from Queen Ileosa Arabasti by Gaedren’s lambs.

The party meets Queen Ileosa Arabasti, returns the broach and gets enlisted as militia members of the Korvosan Guard. The meet with Cressida Kroft and get their first assignment: capture for questioning Verik Vancaskerkin.

Meet Me at World Meats

The party discovers that Verik Vancaskerkin is handing out free food from a butchery called World Meats and at night, silencing people for money. The party goes to the World Meats at night and while debating on what to do Pavo walks up to the front door and knocks. Pavo and Nemos enter while Randisellimon and Aaron hide around the corner. Once inside Pavo makes plans with the henchmen to get some payback against a long list of people who have offended him. Meanwhile, outside, Randi convinces Aaron to use the element of surprise and attack. Thus as Pavo exits the office, Aaron is waiting with a crossbow and shoots one of the henchmen. A battle ensues and the ruckus causes Verik to show up allowing the party to finally see him. The oppostion proves too strong and the party makes a strategic retreat.

After regrouping the party realizes that they might need a more thought out plan. They take turns watching the butcher shop day and night and start spreading rumors that the meat the people are getting from the shop is not just animal. When they are ready, Nemos uses his charm and convinces a guard to follow him to meet a possible new recruit. Nemos brings Verik’s guard to Pavo’s shop where he is quickly subdued and grilled for information. Pavo goes a little overboard and puts his mark on the face of the guard. Hours later the party returns to World Meats and are much more successful at dispaching the guards and capturing Verik. While in the shop they uncover that their ruse was actually true, World Meats was handing out humanoid meat in addition to animal.

The party returns to Cressida Kroft with Verik and his branded henchman. Cressida is not impressed with the brand and docks the party 250 gold. Afterwards the party takes some downtime to work on create weapons and scribe spells.

Some Like it Hot

The party finds itself called upon to help with a fire in the Elven district. While Aaron goes off to help put out fires with Perishial the rest of the party heads in a different direction to help with the fires. The majority of the party finds an old man trapped on the second floor of a building. Randisellimon and Pavo rush inside while Nemos tells a local to get Aaron. Randisellimon almost succumbs to the smoke and fire before Aaron is able to get back to them. With a lot of magic and a little luck Pavo is able to jump out of the second story window with the children the old man was protecting and Randisellimon tosses out the unconscious old man who is caught and quickly healed. For having helped with the fire and saving lives, Perishial declares each member of the party Elf Friends.

The Shit Hits the Street

While walking back to Pavo’s shop (Home of the finest used weapons and armor in Korvosa) from Perishial‘s the party encounters a group egging on a man who is threatening to leap to his death from atop a large statue. The party allows him to jump as Randisellimon has feather fall ready and casts it much to the jumper’s and crowd’s dismay. They discover that the jumper is none other than Grau Soldado who is wasted and depressed. Before they have a chance to hear his story a huge Otyugh erupts from one of the sewer drains and attacks. Aaron tries to reason with it but ends up shooting it as it grabs and tries to consume Nemos. The party was about to drop the monster when they were “rescued” by Hell Knights. One of whom told Pavo that that he would be willing to let Pavo be his squire.

Here a Gambler, There a Gambler

The party meets with Perishial Kalissreavil, is given a mission and each member is given a gift.

A mission sends the party to a popular den of sin to meet with Devargo Barvasi and is rewarded with beautiful acquaintances, knivesies and letters. While waiting to meet with Devargo, Aaron meets the matron of House Arkona, Melyia Arkona and has a short chat with her. Pavo and Randisellimon try to ply information and favor from whores through coin and find a willing woman who not only helps them get audience with Devargo but some extra information as well. Nemos hears another bard singing for coin and decides to show up the hack and does so brilliantly. The party meets with Devargo who demands a lot of coin and a little fun in the form of knivesies. A game, the party discovers, that involves a table, two men, stacks of coins and a knife. Pavo plays and loses then plays again and wins. Afterwards, Devargo gives the leverage he has on the Cheliax ambassador, a couple of incriminating letters, then leaves.

On the way home they come across an old woman loudly weeping in the street over her dead husband. The party stops to check on the woman who was not actually woman, not really crying, over a someone who was not really dead. The trap sprung, four more individuals appear from the nearby alleyways. The party summarily defeats them and after a little discussion of possibilities delivers the letters to Perishial.

Escape from Old Korvosa Synopsis

After the events of Seven Days to the Grave there was a period of relative calm in the city. In that period Queen Ileosa increased taxation almost twofold and the Gey Maidens rounded up scores of suspected insurgents in late night home invasions. But then, in the month of Sarenith as summer began, the calm was shattered on a day now known as the Oathday Massacre.

On that day the Saviors were celebrating in the Mierani Embassy with Randisellimon’s cousin Lanliss and several other members of a budding resistance movement. Dame and several followers swore their fealty to Rand and the Saviors cause. At the same time Queen Ileosa was celebrating as well, displaying her new Crown of Fangs at the swearing in of Togomor as the new Seneschal of Korvosa. Togomor’s first act as Seneschal was to officially disband the Sable Company Marines. As he was called forth to surrender his badge of office, Commandant Marcus Thallassinus Endrin of the Sable Company Marines attempted to assassinate the Queen.

The rumor that the Queen had been assassinated spread like wildfire and thousands of Korvosa’s poor, sensing an opportunity, gathered at Domina’s Square to storm the Castle. It was late evening as the Grey Maidens rained down death upon them. Hundreds were massacred. The Saviors gathered in the square as well where they met Perishial Kalissreavil who witnessed the assassination attempt first hand at court. It was at this point that Togomor appeared in a fantastic display of arcane power, felling souls with prismatic rays and officially declared Marshal law in Korvosa. Now, with the Sable Company disbanded, the Korvosan Guard weakened, the Hellknights in retreat, her own persanal army of Grey Maidens, and a loyal Seneschal declaring Marshal law, the Queen has full control over Korvosa.

In the aftermath of the Massacre, the Saviors received word through Cressida Kroft that, on quarantined Old Korvosa, their old friend Vencarlo had discovered something of great import regarding the queen. The Saviors braved the anarchic streets of Old Korvosa only to find Vencarlo missing and his home transformed into a firey Red Mantis ambush with a strange maskless female assassin. After the battle the Saviors were approached by Amin Jelento and his bodyguard, a man known only as the Cinderlander, who informed them that a strange artist named Salvator Scream was staying with Vencarlo just before he disappeared and likely knows where Vencarlo went. Unfortunately, after fighting a river god outside Salavatore’s studio, the Saviors learned, from a strange cleric of the Midnight Lord squating on the premises, that Salvator was securely in the hands of a petty warlord who called himself the Emperor of Old Korvosa. The cleric, Laori Vaus, was also looking for the artist and in exchange for being allowed to join the party to find him revealed a scrap of clothing she found in the artist’s studio that could only belong to the seneschal of old Korvosa—Neolandis Kalepopolis.

After dealing with the Emperor and his gang, which included Devargo Barvasi of Eel’s End and a firey efreeti, the Saviors interrogated Salvator to learn his secret—the seneshal of Korvosa was still alive! He, and likely Vencarlo, were in the clutches of the notorious Arkona family, the ruling house of Old Korvosa. Laori’s questions for Salvatore were altogether different, concerning the source of his artistic inspiration, particularly the muse from his blue period. After this Laori took her leave of the party promising to see them again.

The Saviors visited Palace Arkona only to learn that its patriarch, Glorio Arkona, had secrets of his own. He revealed that the they had been carrying a spy around with them for months in the form of a silver dagger planted by his cousin Melyia Arkona, and that she was an agent of the Queen working toward he and the Savior’s mutual destruction. In order to rescue Vencarlo and the seneschal, and learn the awful truth behind the queen’s mysterious power and rising cruelty, the Saviors would have to brave the infamous Vivified Labyrinth below Palace Arkona and find Neolandis before Melyia did. In the course of this the Saviors learned that Melyia was actually a fox-headed rakshasa named Vimanda.

Long Live the Queen?

Back at Randisellimon‘s the party turns over the incriminating papers to Parishiel. Sabina visits to inform the party that the Queen wants to bestow honors upon them. While waiting to be announced, Pavo gets an invite to be a Hell Knight’s armiger. The Queen calls the party the Saviors of the City in front of a large audience by the Queen and presents them medals. Afterwards, Nemos gets a message to meet with Cressida and Vencarlo. They tell him that the King’s potential murderer is a woman named Trinia and tasks the Saviors of the city with finding her first. After a short chase through the shingles and the death of one Red Mantis Assassin the party catches Trinia.

Secret, Secret, The King's Got A Secret

After catching Trinia, the Saviors of the City question her and find out that the king has a tiefling half brother. They are convinced to turn over Trinia to Cressida and like true heroes spend the uneventful night guarding her cell to make sure she is not visited by assassins.

Grav shows up at Randi’s, frantic, asking to speak with Aaron about his niece who has come down with a disease. Because Aaron is not able to call down the blessings necessary to remove disease, the saviors of the city ask for help from Abadar’s temple. A Voudrani priest by the name of Ishani answers the call for the modest price of 150 gold. They heal the girl but discover the disease has spread and rumor has it the Shoanti who have amassed outside the city are to blame for the curse.

Shoanti Body Parts That Are Worth A Curse

The Saviors of the City go out to talk to the Shoanti and discover that the leader’s grandson, Gaekhen has been taken. Garadan Hawkdancer leads Aaron and Randi to Thousand-bones the leader. They tell the party that if they want to appease the tribe they need to capture Rolth (the necromancer who kidnapped Gaekhen) and return Gaekhan’s body form the dead warren in the bone yard.

Hookshanks leads the the party to a mausoleum the entrance of the dead warren. He tries to escape once there and is killed in the attempt. They find a trapdoor that leads down under the mausoleum and defeat an owlbear skeleton and five humanoid skeletons. They find an Otyugh consuming humanoid parts and kill it. They encounter and defeat some stirges and a derro. The party finds a room that spits acid and contains a few necrophidius. As a test Randi puts his blood in a bronze trough. Aaron gets tired of the sneak attacks and collapses the derro tunnels. They rescue 2 women, Tiora promises then a beutiful gem, from some slave pits. While fighting a monstrosity called Cabbagehead, Rolth sneaks up behind the party and uses lightning to kill Randi and then teleports away.


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