Curse of the Crimson Throne

Not So Quiet Riot

After dispatching the last of the thugs in the fishery, the quickly bonding strangers discover a sub level to the fishery. While Aaron and Nemos try to find a trap door down, Randisellimon decides to try swing from a rope to the basemen’s dock. A shark appreciates the failed attempt and almost kills him before he is rescued and pulled to the platform by Pavo. Having no success with finding the trap door Aaron and Nemos abandon the search in the fishery and attempt to find a way through a derelict ship enchained to the back of the fishery. Meanwhile Pavo decides to relieve his fallen comrade of a healing potion so that he can discover what lies behind a closed door in the basement. Upon the opening of said door Pavo sees Gaedren holding a rope attached to a young boy hanging over water. Gaedren attempts to get Pavo to relinquish his weapons by threatening to feed the dangling orphan to his pet alligator that quickly positions itself beneath. Pavo stalls for time as Aaron and Nemos find Randisellimon and heal him. Realizing his time is running short Gaedren releases the orphan and Pavo attacks the alligator. Pavo quickly defeats the alligator and goes after Gaedren as the others of the party arrive and help him dispatch the evil villain who had horribly wronged them.

After parting Gaedren‘s head form his body, the party hears the bells of the city tolling. a thorough search of Geadren’s hideout reveals treasure and information and when the party leaves the fishery they find the city in total chaos. While Aaron and Pavo rescue a downed marine of the Sable Guard, Randisellimon and Nemos save a nobleman from a rather upset mob. With the city falling apart around them, the party heads to the capital to return a broach stolen from Queen Ileosa Arabasti by Gaedren’s lambs.

The party meets Queen Ileosa Arabasti, returns the broach and gets enlisted as militia members of the Korvosan Guard. The meet with Cressida Kroft and get their first assignment: capture for questioning Verik Vancaskerkin.

Gaedren Lamm Must Pay

Four strangers from various parts of the city are called together by a Varisian fortuneteller named Zellara. Unbeknownst, these four men share a bond in common with their host—each has been horribly wronged by a man known as Gaedren Lamm. The fortuneteller requests that they make the old man pay for the brutal death of her son as well as for the sins he has committed against they themselves.

These four men: Pavo Sangue, a disinherited noble scion; Aaron Taddinas, Abadaran priest and “Father” of the city; Randisellimon Agarithilin, a wizard of the fabled Korvosan Acadamae; and Nemos, a faceless man with a dark history.

Given the location of Gaedren’s latest hideout in an old abandoned fishery, this party of strangers sets out to exact revenge on the old man, Gaedren Lamm. Late in the evening they form a plan to infiltrate the den, but given their inexperience and lack of familiarity with eachother things go south rather quickly. In the end the party end up literally bursting into the old fishery in a bloody scene of chaos and carnage. Eventually they eliminate the thugs one by one as orphan children ,forced by their cruel taskmasters, join the melee with pitchforks and knives.


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