Trinia's Affidavit

Trinia's testamony


An account of the truth as witnessed under the holy nimbus of Abadar by Aaron Taddinas, Nemos, Pavo Sangue, and Randisellimon Agarithilin on this 25th day of Desnus of the year 4708.

The accused assassin Trinia Sabor hath denied any part in the murder of King Eodred Arabasti II; furthermore she did implicate the existence and involvement of a bastard brother to the King who visited His Excellency on several occasions in her witness. Trinia Sabor testified that she last saw the King alive and well two days before his death on the 8th day of Desnus of the year 4708.


Trinia Sabor
Aaron Taddinas
Randisellimon Agarithilin
Nemos X
Pavo Sangue

Trinia's Affidavit

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