Pavo's Contract with Sermignatto


Material Plane
Being the Fourth incarnation of the Third Cycle of Mortality, on file in Fallen Fastness:

This is a lawful contract between
X Sermignatto
hereinafter called “Covenanter,”
X Pavo Sangue
hereinafter called “Cosignatory.”
Their names used for this pact only.

Heretofore shall the efforts of the Covenanter be bound to the Cosignatory to the effect of the following terms.
1) The indenturing of a single cornugon agent of the Covenanter, bound to a blade for the purpose of creating an infernal revenger in service and obedience to the Cosignatory.
This agent’s term of service to continue into perpetuity or upon the complete fulfillment of this pact.
2) The boon of deferred material costs for the Cosignatory to create a single mortal infernal revenger, affected immediately upon the signing of this document, meted out forthwith with the full ability and potency of the Covenanter and specifically without intent to harm or confound.

In recompense, upon the cessation of mortal continuation, the Cosignatory binds all personal efforts, agendas, service, and attendance to the Covenanter, to employ or dispose of as individually deemed fit, or at the demand of masters whose names are struck from this contract yet known by the foresigned Covenanter to be the ones whose hands guide these words; in addendum, if the cosignatory fails to complete the infernal revenger, then the body and soul of the Cosignatory are immediately forfeit and bound to the Covenanter.

In code 9485784, 3728.7845, 9888491.
Subject to the veto of the Nine, honor to their names and Asmodeus most high.
Signed in blood and bound by soul.

Pavo Sangue



Pavo's Contract with Sermignatto

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