Glorio Arkona

Korvosa's first citizen


When last you saw him he was wishing you well. Pity about the ring. No one can trust anyone anymore. Rand’s uncle still believes he’s playing the game of thrones and is just awaiting his time to strike. Having defeated Pilts Swastel, he can now assert greater control over Old Korvosa and make the streets safer. However, blood veil is still raging on the island.

Is a Rakshasa bastard and tried to give us a ring to track us.

Desires to sit the Crimson Throne. Lord Glorio is carefully trying to gain the support of the people. A task hindered by the quarantine of his ward in Old Korvosa. Melyia Arkona, Glorio’s cousin, was working for the Queen in an attempt to wrest control of the House in her favor, but that did not happen to say the least.


Glorio Arkona

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