Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Shit Hits the Street

While walking back to Pavo’s shop (Home of the finest used weapons and armor in Korvosa) from Perishial‘s the party encounters a group egging on a man who is threatening to leap to his death from atop a large statue. The party allows him to jump as Randisellimon has feather fall ready and casts it much to the jumper’s and crowd’s dismay. They discover that the jumper is none other than Grau Soldado who is wasted and depressed. Before they have a chance to hear his story a huge Otyugh erupts from one of the sewer drains and attacks. Aaron tries to reason with it but ends up shooting it as it grabs and tries to consume Nemos. The party was about to drop the monster when they were “rescued” by Hell Knights. One of whom told Pavo that that he would be willing to let Pavo be his squire.


Is there an update or name for that Hellknight who offered Pavo?

The Shit Hits the Street

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