Curse of the Crimson Throne

Some Like it Hot

The party finds itself called upon to help with a fire in the Elven district. While Aaron goes off to help put out fires with Perishial the rest of the party heads in a different direction to help with the fires. The majority of the party finds an old man trapped on the second floor of a building. Randisellimon and Pavo rush inside while Nemos tells a local to get Aaron. Randisellimon almost succumbs to the smoke and fire before Aaron is able to get back to them. With a lot of magic and a little luck Pavo is able to jump out of the second story window with the children the old man was protecting and Randisellimon tosses out the unconscious old man who is caught and quickly healed. For having helped with the fire and saving lives, Perishial declares each member of the party Elf Friends.



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