Curse of the Crimson Throne

Shoanti Body Parts That Are Worth A Curse

The Saviors of the City go out to talk to the Shoanti and discover that the leader’s grandson, Gaekhen has been taken. Garadan Hawkdancer leads Aaron and Randi to Thousand-bones the leader. They tell the party that if they want to appease the tribe they need to capture Rolth (the necromancer who kidnapped Gaekhen) and return Gaekhan’s body form the dead warren in the bone yard.

Hookshanks leads the the party to a mausoleum the entrance of the dead warren. He tries to escape once there and is killed in the attempt. They find a trapdoor that leads down under the mausoleum and defeat an owlbear skeleton and five humanoid skeletons. They find an Otyugh consuming humanoid parts and kill it. They encounter and defeat some stirges and a derro. The party finds a room that spits acid and contains a few necrophidius. As a test Randi puts his blood in a bronze trough. Aaron gets tired of the sneak attacks and collapses the derro tunnels. They rescue 2 women, Tiora promises then a beutiful gem, from some slave pits. While fighting a monstrosity called Cabbagehead, Rolth sneaks up behind the party and uses lightning to kill Randi and then teleports away.


:D This is great! Keep it up man.


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