Curse of the Crimson Throne

Secret, Secret, The King's Got A Secret

After catching Trinia, the Saviors of the City question her and find out that the king has a tiefling half brother. They are convinced to turn over Trinia to Cressida and like true heroes spend the uneventful night guarding her cell to make sure she is not visited by assassins.

Grav shows up at Randi’s, frantic, asking to speak with Aaron about his niece who has come down with a disease. Because Aaron is not able to call down the blessings necessary to remove disease, the saviors of the city ask for help from Abadar’s temple. A Voudrani priest by the name of Ishani answers the call for the modest price of 150 gold. They heal the girl but discover the disease has spread and rumor has it the Shoanti who have amassed outside the city are to blame for the curse.



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