Curse of the Crimson Throne

Score Randi - Score

Oath Day Massacre

Many events have transpired since the Shaonti body parts debacle. However recent events of note are all overshadowed by the fact that Randi scored with Cressida. Thats right, little Randi’s might just be in the works as a result of his initial tryst with Cressida. Who know’s many more trysts might be forthcoming.

Oh, and on Oathday someone from the Queens retinue… oh yeah Fat-Man Goat-Mage the laughable wanted to kill someone in another pubic display of yadda yadda… So we stopped them from making it much worse… only a few hundred died instead of a few thousand. However we all know this is less important news than the above info about Randi’s conquest.

Now back to the truly important news of the day…. Randi was seen….



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