Curse of the Crimson Throne

Meet Me at World Meats

The party discovers that Verik Vancaskerkin is handing out free food from a butchery called World Meats and at night, silencing people for money. The party goes to the World Meats at night and while debating on what to do Pavo walks up to the front door and knocks. Pavo and Nemos enter while Randisellimon and Aaron hide around the corner. Once inside Pavo makes plans with the henchmen to get some payback against a long list of people who have offended him. Meanwhile, outside, Randi convinces Aaron to use the element of surprise and attack. Thus as Pavo exits the office, Aaron is waiting with a crossbow and shoots one of the henchmen. A battle ensues and the ruckus causes Verik to show up allowing the party to finally see him. The oppostion proves too strong and the party makes a strategic retreat.

After regrouping the party realizes that they might need a more thought out plan. They take turns watching the butcher shop day and night and start spreading rumors that the meat the people are getting from the shop is not just animal. When they are ready, Nemos uses his charm and convinces a guard to follow him to meet a possible new recruit. Nemos brings Verik’s guard to Pavo’s shop where he is quickly subdued and grilled for information. Pavo goes a little overboard and puts his mark on the face of the guard. Hours later the party returns to World Meats and are much more successful at dispaching the guards and capturing Verik. While in the shop they uncover that their ruse was actually true, World Meats was handing out humanoid meat in addition to animal.

The party returns to Cressida Kroft with Verik and his branded henchman. Cressida is not impressed with the brand and docks the party 250 gold. Afterwards the party takes some downtime to work on create weapons and scribe spells.



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