Curse of the Crimson Throne

Here a Gambler, There a Gambler

The party meets with Perishial Kalissreavil, is given a mission and each member is given a gift.

A mission sends the party to a popular den of sin to meet with Devargo Barvasi and is rewarded with beautiful acquaintances, knivesies and letters. While waiting to meet with Devargo, Aaron meets the matron of House Arkona, Melyia Arkona and has a short chat with her. Pavo and Randisellimon try to ply information and favor from whores through coin and find a willing woman who not only helps them get audience with Devargo but some extra information as well. Nemos hears another bard singing for coin and decides to show up the hack and does so brilliantly. The party meets with Devargo who demands a lot of coin and a little fun in the form of knivesies. A game, the party discovers, that involves a table, two men, stacks of coins and a knife. Pavo plays and loses then plays again and wins. Afterwards, Devargo gives the leverage he has on the Cheliax ambassador, a couple of incriminating letters, then leaves.

On the way home they come across an old woman loudly weeping in the street over her dead husband. The party stops to check on the woman who was not actually woman, not really crying, over a someone who was not really dead. The trap sprung, four more individuals appear from the nearby alleyways. The party summarily defeats them and after a little discussion of possibilities delivers the letters to Perishial.



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