Curse of the Crimson Throne

Escape from Old Korvosa Synopsis

After the events of Seven Days to the Grave there was a period of relative calm in the city. In that period Queen Ileosa increased taxation almost twofold and the Gey Maidens rounded up scores of suspected insurgents in late night home invasions. But then, in the month of Sarenith as summer began, the calm was shattered on a day now known as the Oathday Massacre.

On that day the Saviors were celebrating in the Mierani Embassy with Randisellimon’s cousin Lanliss and several other members of a budding resistance movement. Dame and several followers swore their fealty to Rand and the Saviors cause. At the same time Queen Ileosa was celebrating as well, displaying her new Crown of Fangs at the swearing in of Togomor as the new Seneschal of Korvosa. Togomor’s first act as Seneschal was to officially disband the Sable Company Marines. As he was called forth to surrender his badge of office, Commandant Marcus Thallassinus Endrin of the Sable Company Marines attempted to assassinate the Queen.

The rumor that the Queen had been assassinated spread like wildfire and thousands of Korvosa’s poor, sensing an opportunity, gathered at Domina’s Square to storm the Castle. It was late evening as the Grey Maidens rained down death upon them. Hundreds were massacred. The Saviors gathered in the square as well where they met Perishial Kalissreavil who witnessed the assassination attempt first hand at court. It was at this point that Togomor appeared in a fantastic display of arcane power, felling souls with prismatic rays and officially declared Marshal law in Korvosa. Now, with the Sable Company disbanded, the Korvosan Guard weakened, the Hellknights in retreat, her own persanal army of Grey Maidens, and a loyal Seneschal declaring Marshal law, the Queen has full control over Korvosa.

In the aftermath of the Massacre, the Saviors received word through Cressida Kroft that, on quarantined Old Korvosa, their old friend Vencarlo had discovered something of great import regarding the queen. The Saviors braved the anarchic streets of Old Korvosa only to find Vencarlo missing and his home transformed into a firey Red Mantis ambush with a strange maskless female assassin. After the battle the Saviors were approached by Amin Jelento and his bodyguard, a man known only as the Cinderlander, who informed them that a strange artist named Salvator Scream was staying with Vencarlo just before he disappeared and likely knows where Vencarlo went. Unfortunately, after fighting a river god outside Salavatore’s studio, the Saviors learned, from a strange cleric of the Midnight Lord squating on the premises, that Salvator was securely in the hands of a petty warlord who called himself the Emperor of Old Korvosa. The cleric, Laori Vaus, was also looking for the artist and in exchange for being allowed to join the party to find him revealed a scrap of clothing she found in the artist’s studio that could only belong to the seneschal of old Korvosa—Neolandis Kalepopolis.

After dealing with the Emperor and his gang, which included Devargo Barvasi of Eel’s End and a firey efreeti, the Saviors interrogated Salvator to learn his secret—the seneshal of Korvosa was still alive! He, and likely Vencarlo, were in the clutches of the notorious Arkona family, the ruling house of Old Korvosa. Laori’s questions for Salvatore were altogether different, concerning the source of his artistic inspiration, particularly the muse from his blue period. After this Laori took her leave of the party promising to see them again.

The Saviors visited Palace Arkona only to learn that its patriarch, Glorio Arkona, had secrets of his own. He revealed that the they had been carrying a spy around with them for months in the form of a silver dagger planted by his cousin Melyia Arkona, and that she was an agent of the Queen working toward he and the Savior’s mutual destruction. In order to rescue Vencarlo and the seneschal, and learn the awful truth behind the queen’s mysterious power and rising cruelty, the Saviors would have to brave the infamous Vivified Labyrinth below Palace Arkona and find Neolandis before Melyia did. In the course of this the Saviors learned that Melyia was actually a fox-headed rakshasa named Vimanda.



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